Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cruelty, Civility, and Other Weighty Matters

It's funny how when people hear or talk about the media, it always comes down to the whole weight issue. Whether your some annorexic, skinny girl to the overly obese lady you can't help but to pay attention to what the media says about being fat or overly skinny. What Ann Marie Paulin says is true. Being what the media calls "sexy" isnt the only important thing in life. She's definetly not the first or the last person to write a paper about how the media affects how people view themselves, but she does a really good job of backing up her opinion with actual book facts. The way she expresses herself through her writing is very inspirational to not be what the media wants you to look like just so you'll buy their products.

I thought that the story of when she was 12 and watching the news an seeing a girl getting hit by a bus, and only saying, " Yeah, but at least she's thin," was very sad. To see someone so young thinking that when she should be feeling great about herself. Not to mention the horrible story in Pipher's book Hunger Pains: The Modern Women's Tragic Quest for Thinness. Isn't it crazy that a mother would care so much into what her daughter looks like to tell her that she's fat.

Her point that being fat and wanting to lose weight shouldn't be for what other people want, but for being the healthy choice is a very good one that i think everyone should share. Personally i believe that obese people see how they're portrayed in the media, get sad, then eat some more. If the media used a more positive outlook on how bigger people could change to live a healthy life maybe that could actually make a difference.

All in all this was a very good persuasive draft with alot of added emotion, great book references and some personal experiences.


Anonymous said...

Great review. I agree with you about losing weight shouldnt be about what other people want but for her own health. I do understand that some over weight people cant help it, and also as we get older it's harder to lose weight too. Yes it should be based more on helping each other to become healthy and not down grading.