Friday, January 11, 2008

How I Lost the Junior Miss Pageant

I really like the way Cindy Bosley portrayed her emotions throughout the story. It gives the reader a special insight into what's really going on inside the writers head as she's experiencing this. An example is when she was crying after finding out that she lost and admitting to crying because of it being over not because of losing. She does use very good details in portraying her emotions.

The story was very sad, by the way she thought of herself and others. I don't think people should have to think of themselves the way that she did. She seemed to take everything her mom said into careful consideration, so that she kinda believed what her mother said. It was sad that she had to judge the ladies on the Miss America Pageant and make a point system on their flaws, even comparing herself to the other Junior Miss contenders. More sadly, was the thought that she had truly known that she was going to lose before she had even started.

The point that really got to me was in the last paragraph when every sentence began with "I'd lost..." To me it meant that the pageant wasn't really about the good characteristics about her, just the bad. She didn't want to do it. Her opinion was really laid out in black and white and I really liked how she concluded her story.