Monday, January 21, 2008

Crimes Agianst Humanity

I really enjoyed reading Ward Churchhill's perusasive draft on how the media is portraying the Native culture. I'm Native American and I also don't agree with school's mascots being the "chiefs" or "redskins." Most school's mascots are animals, so when they have the redskins as their mascot then they're calling Native Americans animals.

I thought his made up team mascot's kind of went a little far with the racial wording, but i suppose he was using it to prove a point and i think it worked. The way he mentioned Julius streicher and how he was killed for writing taking part in a raciest tabloid really made it look like the government did something that was wrong if they're not taking part in stopping the misuse of the native culture in the media.

It's crazy how people were taking part in involuntary sterilization of the Native American women. It's just sad how a race that was so great long ago had to suffer through so many illness', deaths, wars, and the stealing of land, and then to be portrayed as an animal.

I personally don't understand why the Native race has deserved everything that has happened to us. The US took away all our land, striped us of our culture, introduced alcohol to our systems. Throughout all of this it's still being done today. For instance the suicide race in Omak. Animal rights activist say that it's cruelty to animals, if you look at the statistics not that many horses get hurt. That race has been part of the Colville Tribes culture for thousands of years. Yet theres a chance that Suicide Hill is going to be closed down for horse racing. Then we're depicted as cruel "savages" in the old westerns you see.

We're being depicted as a lower unequal race compared to others. I'm happy to see that Ward Churchhill spoke up agianst the misuse of Native American culture in the media.