Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Thrill of Victory...The Agony of Parents
As I read this the only thought that came to me was of course my own mom. She is probably my ownly true role model, besides those crazy out of the question miracles like Micheal Jordan. The more I think about it the more i believe that parents are crazy compared to the average teenagers like myself. They were ridiculous outfits, listen to those crazy bands that you've never heard of, and always seem to suprise you differently everyday.
Even though i think my moms a little crazy sometimes i do compare her to other parents, which leads me to a little story. In about 5 or 6 grade i became interested in wrestling. For a girl in a little town of 1500 people, that seemed to get quit a few people talking. I was the only girl wrestling. Somehow, beyond all the other parents snickering and trying to get me to quit my mom had my back. At one of the wrestling matches like many before i pinned a boy about my size, winning first place. Lets just say the father wasn't to excited to see his precious little boy lose to a girl. He actually got right into my moms face. The boy was bawling his eyes out as the father was then yelling at my coach and my mother. I felt really bad but what was i to do? It really did show me how crazy some parents can be!
That wasn't the only incident were i've seen parents get a little crazy. Basketball is one of the greatest examples. For me it's not as bad to yell at the officials just because it's hilarious, and most of the parents that yell know what they're talking about. Last year at the annual Freemen game my quiet, well-respected, on the school board neighbor, was kicked out of the game for yelling at the ref for a bad call. My god, it was hilarious! Not to mention, it just got our crowd even more louder. That's just one of the other incidents were parents really get involved in a game.
The wrestling story that i told is a great example of a what not to do for parents. It just cracks me up that parents always seem to get angry and frustrated about a game more than the kids do. Like my mom, parents should be supportive and there for their kids, even if they or other parents don't believe it's right. Also, parents sometimes should just bite their own tongue once in a while.