Monday, February 4, 2008

Is Hunting Ethical

Living in a very woody area, I've heard many arguments on hunting. Most say hunting is ethical, but they don't usually listen to the opposites opinion. I agree hunting is ethical, but only to a certain decree.
Whether hunting is ethical is a very good argument to write about, and Ann Causey did a great job on letting the reader see both sides of the argument. Hunting can be horrible. The fact that people are just blood thirsty and find fun in blowing off several different animals up. On the other hand you have those hunters that kill solemly for food purposes.
If people were to listen to the opposites opinion instead of just thinking they're wrong 24/7, this wouldn't be such a large issue. I suppose if people remain as ignorant as they are today this topic will never disappear.
I really liked Causey's sentence after describing a movie where a rockstar and a tour guide over emphasized killing an animal for fun. It goes like this,"To inflict death without meaningful and significant purpose, to kill carelessly or casually, or to take a life without solemn gratitude is inconsistent with genuine reverence to life." That to me was a very accurate statement that i totally agree on, and wish others would share that opinion.
Her introduction to the story was something i admired. The was she described the incident made you feel like you were there. Then she put a paragraph behind it showing that she wasn't a vegetarian, which was the impression she left you with from the first couple of paragraphs. It was a nice way to show what your story was going to be about without completly writing it out plain and simple.


Wes said...

I really agree with you on this one. I'm from a 'hick town' with a lot of people who are big on hunting, and I know both types, 'ethical' hunters, and 'nonethical' hunters. I also really enjoyed the introduction, and the fact that she led you to believe that she would be a total animal lover, vegan, Greenpeace fanatic, and then she turns around and says that she is all for hunting (to a certain extent of course).