Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chapter 14
The Gettysburg Address is a very “to the point” essay in terms that Lincoln didn’t stray off in anyway, but was clear and decisive. He truly was a eminent speech maker! The way he portrays his voice is a great example of his speech making skills. He does not plain out tell the people that slavery is wrong, doesn‘t even take a side, although he did remind them that they needed to show devotion for the dead’s cause. It reminds me of a grandfather telling his grandchildren Little Red Riding Hood about what happened, but making sure that they understood that there is something they can learn and take part in from the story. All in all this was a very creative, not to mention short, address that can definitely be looked at and considered by many Americans.
Chief Joseph’s Surrender Speech is extremely gloomy. You can tell two things might have happened during the speech making; the translation was a little incorrect, since there is numerous short sentences. Or Chief Joseph was so saddened from what was happening that he really didn’t want to talk. The details about all the dead and harsh conditions were examples of why he gave up. It is just sad that he and his people pursued a goal so eagerly, to end up getting caught after all the work and harshness that they had to endure. Even worse was the fact that they had traveled hundreds of miles an were only forty miles away before they surrendered. Can you just imagine being that close to achieving a goal that you have risked your life for, and yet be an arms reach away before realizing it’s not going to happen? I’m not sure if I’m just babbling my opinion, but while I’ve already started I might as well keep going. I ask people to consider this; Chief Joseph was born down in Oregon, do you think he would want to be buried there? Their has been many an argument on why he is buried in Nespelem, Washington since it is a very random place that I’m sure he wouldn’t want to be buried at. Point being this man had been very misfortunate for all of his struggles in life, yet even after life he was misfortunate for were he was buried. His surrender speech is definitely an insight into what he felt, what people went through, and the guilt he experienced.